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You Wouldn't Upload An H-Scene.

A Guide To Ripping Assets From Visual Novel Games

Notice: This website does not condone the breaking of terms-of-services. Before ripping, decompiling and uploading assets please check the appropriate TOS to avoid illegal activity.

Identifying the engine.

Games made in different engines have to be decompiled in different ways. Identifying what engine a given game was made in is the first step to ripping assets.

Before anything, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by looking at the game's download page, especially if the game is distributed through a website like or GameJolt, where the engine the game was made in. However if the developer did not communicate that info, you can still tell what engine the game was made in pretty easily...


Most modern western-developed VNs are made using this engine. Thankfully, it's fairly simple to tell when that's the case.

The most dead giveaway as to when a game was developed in Ren'py is by looking at the application's icon. A lot of devs don't bother with changing their games' application icon from the default image provided by the engine. So if the games' exe file depicts a pink haired anime girl holding a snake, as pictured below, it is definetely a Ren'py game.

The defualt icon seen in a good portion of games made in the Ren'py engine

Ren'py games usually have fairly similar folder structures. typically containing a "log.txt" file, an executable file named after the game as well as a bash and a python scipt of the same name, and an assortment of folders usually containing at the very least "game, lib and renpy"

Two examples of fairly typical Ren'py folder structures. Note that despite the difference in certain files and folders all the items mentioned above are common between the two games.